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Local Textile Tools & Equipment

A range of historic textile tools and equipment, illustrating the ingenuity of our forebears.

There are 38 items available in this category.

01 Hand-shuttle

02 Hand-Loom Shuttles

03 Hand-Loom Shuttles

04 Woollen Shuttles, (underside)

05 Hand Teazle Jack

06 Brass Pinned Cards for use on Wet Cloths

07 Cutter's Knife-Blades, Shoes & Traditional Boxes

08 Cutter's Knife-Blades, Shoes & Traditional Boxes

09 Worsted Comb

10 Leopard-Skin Printing-Block, c1900

11 Tiger-Skin Printing-Block, c1900

12 Ermine-Skin Printing Block, c1900

13 Improved Blocks with Felt Inserts

14 Leopard-Skin Printing Block, c1920

15 Printing Block, c1920

16 Stencil, c1920

17 Stencil, c1920

18 For Marking Pile Fabrics, c1920

19 Tipping Brushes, c1900 - 1940

20 A 'Witch'

21 A 'Witch'

22 'Going' Part

23 Jacquard Cylinder

24 Jacquard Hand-Loom Weaver at Gelder's, Clayton West

25 Original Warping Mill, c1800

26 Turning Mechanism

27 Tenter Posts

28 Railway-Tenter, Edwin Fields, Skelmanthorpe

29 The Last Hand-Loom Weaver at Edwin Field's

30 Dappling, Rosebudding & Swirling Rugs

31 Curling Mohair Yarn for Table Cover Centres

32 Charlie Radley's Weaving Shed

33 Last Working Hand-Loom in Skelmanthorpe

34 Last Working Hand-Loom In Skelmanthorpe

35 Close-Up, June 1971

36 Skelmanthorpe Woman Winding Bobbins

37 Young Woman Modelling a Hand-Woven Fettling Apron

38 Young Woman Modelling a Hand-Woven Fettling Apron