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Local Textile History

A photographic miscellany, recording the breadth and importance of our local textile heritage.

There are 85 items available in this category.

01 Textile Unit

02 Gilthwaites Textile Unit

03 Gilthwaites Textile Unit, Denby Dale

04 Miller's Bridge, Denby Dale

05 Part of John Wood's Mill

06 Plan Showing 'Take-Off' for John Woods Mill

07 Centre of Kenyon's Mill, Denby Dale, c1910

08 Women Weavers

09 Overlookers at Brownhill's Dale Shed

10 Giles Gartside's Mill, Cookstools, Denby Dale, (established pre 1800)

11 John Firth's Dye Houses

12 Hartcliffe Mills, Denby Dale

13 Demolishing Chimney at Z. Hinchliffe's, Denby Dale, c1977

14 Demolishing Chimney at Z. Hinchliffe's, Denby Dale, c1977

15 Upper Pudding Mill, (Leslie Robinson)

16 Part of Scribbling Mill at Upper Pudding Mill

17 Date Stone at Upper Pudding Scribbling Mill

18 Mill House, Lower Pudding Mill

19 Mill House, Lower Pudding Mill

20 Mill House, Lower Pudding Mill

21Mill House, Lower Pudding Mill

22 Probable siting of Wheel

23 Fulling Mill & Dam at Lower Pudding

24 Old Bridge at Lower Pudding Mill

25 View Showing Fulling Mill

26 Lower Pudding Mill

27 Waterfall at Lower Pudding Mill

28 Dam at Lower Pudding Mill

29 Threadmill House, Birdsedge

30 Threadmill House, Birdsedge

31 Birdsedge Mill

32 Birdsedge: Elihu Dickinson's Colthier's Warehouse, foreground)

33 Ruins of Elihu Dickinson's Fulling Mill, Birdsedge

34 G. Haywood's Weaving Shops

35 Copley House Manufactory, Shepley

36 Copley House Manufactory, Shepley

37 Armitage's Mill, Shepley

38 Woodhouse Mill & Dam, Shelley

39 Woodhouse Mill, Shelley

40 Joseph Kaye's Mill, Clayton West

41 Dye House at Gelder's Mill, Holmfield, Clayton West

42 Digley Mills

43 Huddersfield from Castle Hill

44 Wood Street, Skelmanthorpe

45 Luke Fisher's Cottage

46 Joseph Dyson's House

47 Joseph Dyson's House

48 Garratt Buildings, Skelmanthorpe

49 King Street, Skelmanthorpe

50 John Moorehouse's Warehouse, King Street, Skelmanthorpe

51 Plan of Joseph & John Jebson's Skelmanthorpe

52 Weaver's Cottages, Queen Street, Skelmanthorpe

53 Hand-Loom at Skelmanthorpe Textile Heritage Centre

54 Looking Down Queen Street, Skelmanthorpe

55 Croppers at Field & Botrill's, Skelmanthorpe, c1918

56 Scissett from Cuttlehurst Hill, c1920

57 Scissett from Cuttlehurst Hill, c1950

58 Four Chimneys seen from Rock Villas, Cuttlehurst

59 'Top o'th' Hill' Hand-Loom Weaving Shed, Cuttlehurst

60 Ed Blackburn's 'Top o'th' Hill', c1920

61 View from Rock Villas

62 Three Mill Chimneys seen from Rock Villas, Cuttlehurst

63 Last 3 Mill Chimneys in Scissett, Spetember 1980

64 View from Rock Villas, Cuttlehiurst, c1930

65 Joseph Kaye & Sons, Twine Works, Wood St, Scissett, c1904

66 Plan of Wood Street Mill, Scissett

67 Last Day at Ed Blackburn's Dye House

68 Last day at 'Top o'th' Hill' Mill, September 1966

69 Dobcross Weavers, Norton Bros & Co. Ltd, c1900

70 Coach House & Stable B. Norton, Cuttlehurst

71 The Former British Queen Pub, Scissett

72 Textile Advert

73 Textile Advert

74 Textile Advert

75 Textile Advert

76 Textile Advert

77 Textile Advert

78 Textile Advert

79 Textile Advert

80 Textile Advert

81 Textile Advert

82 Textile Advert

83 Textile Advert

84 Textile Advert

85 Textile Advert